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Laminated Edge Details

Sub-tops need to be made from 5/8" standard CDX plywood.

The sub-tops edges should be held back 3/8" from the face of the cabinet to allow the stone lamination to overlap the cabinet face.

Laminated Skirt Edge Detail

Depth of lamination may vary. Special design features will be considered.

Overhang Edges

When a stone counter overhangs a cabinet distance of 8" or greater, proper reinforcement is necessary.

We recommend that a 3/8" thick by 3" steel flat bar be routed into the sub -top surface. These reinforcements should be placed no more than 30" apart and should extend from the cabinet to the edge of the sub-top.

The laminated edge for an overhang counter will be a minimum of 3" in width to assure added counter strength.

Single Edge Details

Use plywood sub-top if wood trim will cover the exposed sub-top edge.

Sub-tops can be inset into cabinet box if no wood edge trim is desired.

If a sub-top will not be used, reinforcements must be made for sink and range top installation.


All appliances that have direct interaction with stone countertops must be on site with data sheets available to your field representative.

Locations for cook tops or slide-in ranges need to be clearly marked and appropriate cutouts should be completed.

Downdraft ventilation systems have a very tight tolerance. Careful preparation is vital for proper fit and installation of stone counters.


Finish all framing and surface preparation prior to the field measure.

The tub should be on site, accurate information regarding cutout and rim coverage should be available.

It is best to install the tub after the stone is installed.

Access doors for plumbing need to be located and marked.

Faucets mounted through stone must be on site with holes located and centerlines marked.


All outlets passing through stone should be cut in with boxes mounted and secured.

Full-Height Backsplash

All upper cabinets need to be mounted in place.

Range Hoods and under cabinets lights should be mounted for field measuring.

4" or 6" Backsplash

Make sure outlets are installed at correct height, allowing at least 1" above top of backsplash.


All sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, instant hots, data sheets and templates must be on site and available.

The centerlines for each item should be clearly marked with appropriate holes cut into sub-tops.

Holes in sub-tops (for faucets, etc.) need to be oversized so your plumber can secure all fixtures directly to the stone surface.

Undermount Sinks

The sub-top should be "routed out" if the "lip" of the sink is more than 1/8". Typically this is necessary with cast iron sinks and may not be necessary with stainless steel sinks.

The routed area should be 1/4" larger on all sides of the sink rim to allow for adjustment at time of installation.

Richardson & Latham follow Sink Template guidelines provided by the Manufacture.


All fireboxes must be in place and mounted prior to field measure.

Screens and glass doors should be on site, unless they are custom made to the opening.

Surface must be prepared for raised hearth applications (i.e. brick, framing, plywood or wonderboard).

Outer surroundings (wood, cast concrete, etc.) should be on site for accurate measurement.

Full Wall Fireplace

Walls substrate should be either CMU, motar or cement board.

The wall framing needs to be reinforced to withstand the stone weight. Natural stone weighs approximately 10 to 15 pounds per square foot for 3/4" slab, depending on type of stone.

Field Measure Guidelines

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